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SERENE HOUSE location: alto de las palmas, antioquia, col.year: 2023.area: 2152 Sq Ft. (200 M2) Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Antioquia, Serene House is an architectural marvel house of 2152 Square Feet that redefines residential living. Its open-plan design seamlessly blends the Kitchen, Dining Room, and Living Room, creating a vast space that invites […]


TWO PIECE location: malibu, california. USyear: 2023.area: 4520 Sq Ft (420 M2) The project Two Peace is a House of 4520 Sq Ft. (420 m2) located in Malibu, California. The architecture blends by its open modernity and serene minimalism. The house is an ode to intricate minimalism, Wabi Sabi and contemporary design. Its design, plays […]


VILLA SOUL WELLNESS location: tulum, quintana roo, mexicoyear: 2023.area: 12916 Sq Ft (1200 M2) The Villa Soulful Wellness is an architectural resort of12,916 square feet in a picturesque Mexican coastal setting. The resort is a testament to the harmonious fusion of modernist design principles with the captivating beauty of its natural surroundings. The building unfolds […]


88TH ST. CONDOS location: miami beach, florida, usyear: 2023.area: 40000 Sq Ft (3716 M2) 88th St. Condos is a vibrant modern style building of 40.000 Square Feet that stands as a testament to the harmonious union of nature and architecture. Bathed in the ethereal glow of atmospheric lighting, the residence exudes an aura of refined […]


HOTEL BOUTIQUE SAI location: san andres island, col.year: 2023.area: 3331 Sq Ft (309 M2) Hotel Boutique S.A.I. is a 3331 Square Feet Boutique Hotel located in the tropical splendor of San Andres Islas, Hotel Boutique S.A.I. emerges as an architectural haven, seamlessly blending modern design with sustainable practices. Its captivating interplay of light orange and […]


2500 SUNSET DRIVE location: miami beach, florida, usyear: 2023.area: 2800 Sq Ft. (260 M2) 2500 Sunset Dr. is a luxurious residential project of 2800 Square Feet on Sunset Drive, Miami Beach, where contemporary sophistication merges seamlessly with Modern, minimalistic, and Afro-Caribbean influences. This opulent residence, adorned in light bronze and beige, redefines modern style with […]


FOREST SANCTUARY location: spartanburg, south carolina, usyear: 2023.area: 4200 Sq Ft. (380 M2) Forest Sanctuary is a sprawling black and white mansion of 4200 Square Feet that redefines luxury living with a nod to revived historic art forms and classic Americana. The exterior, a striking contrast of ebony and ivory, harmonizes with the natural surroundings, […]


G.A HOUSE location: la ceja, antioquia, col.year: 2021.area: 4144 Sq Ft. (385 M2) The GA House is a 4144 Square Feet that integrates contemporary design principles with its natural surroundings. Situated amidst the verdant beauty of the region, the architectural vision behind GA House is rooted in a harmonious coexistence with its context. The design […]


PRIVE PENTHOUSE location: miami beach, florida, usyear: 2023.area: 4400 Sq Ft. (409 M2) Prive Penthouse is a 4400 Square Feet apartment located in Williams Island, an epitome of modern luxury living in Miami Beach. The project is a meticulously crafted penthouse that harmoniously blends minimalistic design with innovative spatial concepts. It transcends traditional notions of […]


MIRADOR HOUSE location: santa elena, antioquia, col.year: 2023.area: 3347 Sq Ft. (311 M2) The Mirador House emerges as a captivating single-family residence spanning 3347 square feet, nestled in a serene rural expanse beyond Medellin, Antioquia. With a discreet placement on the terrain, it artfully engenders captivating vistas that immerse occupants in the splendour of nature. […]