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location: miami beach, florida, us
year: 2023.
area: 2800 Sq Ft. (260 M2)

2500 Sunset Dr. is a luxurious residential project of 2800 Square Feet on Sunset Drive, Miami Beach, where contemporary sophistication merges seamlessly with Modern, minimalistic, and Afro-Caribbean influences. This opulent residence, adorned in light bronze and beige, redefines modern style with a nod to cultural richness. The sleek lines and organic textures create a visual symphony that pays homage to both opulence and the warmth of the Caribbean spirit.

More than just a showcase of elegance, this house exemplifies sustainable architecture along the Miami shoreline. Solar panels crown the roof, capturing the vibrant sunlight to power the residence efficiently. Native landscaping not only enhances the property's aesthetic appeal but also fosters biodiversity, contributing to a responsible and eco-friendly lifestyle. Here, luxury coexists harmoniously with environmental consciousness, a celebration of mindful living in a space that harmonizes with both nature and modern elegance.