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location: santa elena, antioquia, col.
year: 2023.
area: 3347 Sq Ft. (311 M2)

The Mirador House emerges as a captivating single-family residence spanning 3347 square feet, nestled in a serene rural expanse beyond Medellin, Antioquia. With a discreet placement on the terrain, it artfully engenders captivating vistas that immerse occupants in the splendour of nature.

Through skilful repetition of architectural elements, this abode becomes a frame that seamlessly integrates the landscape, materials, and its surroundings. Designed as a one-story structure, its form harmoniously honours the contextual environment. Moreover, the house boasts expansive corridors, inviting inhabitants to traverse its spaces in a serene rhythm, evoking a sense of unity with the home's diverse atmospheres and the interplay of light, giving the house harmony in a way that explores different atmospheres and spaces through light.