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location: malibu, california. US
year: 2023.
area: 4520 Sq Ft (420 M2)

The project Two Peace is a House of 4520 Sq Ft. (420 m2) located in Malibu, California. The architecture blends by its open modernity and serene minimalism. The house is an ode to intricate minimalism, Wabi Sabi and contemporary design. Its design, plays with light and shadow, merging indoor and outdoor through its expansive windows. Its natural materials echo the landscape, while soft tonal interiors evoke sunset's grace.

The residence emanates tranquility, embodying the essence of Malibu's allure—a minimalist sanctuary where art, culture, and nature converge. The landscapes, the soft, tonal colors, and the fusion of Phoenician art elements with modern design principles converge to create a home that is both a retreat from the world and a celebration of its beauty, a true embodiment of serene minimalism in the heart of Malibu's captivating scenery.