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M U D . is a creative studio that divides into three branches; architecture, construction and interior design, achieving a better integration between these three variables.

We depart from the essential, proposing timeless, unique and innovative spaces.

We create simple and minimalistic architecture using pure and tactile materials to achieve silent, serene and warm atmospheres, where people can find wellness.

Camilo was born in Miami. He co-founded MUD in 2020, focusing on residential and hospitality high-end projects. As the head of architecture and design, he works in different stages of a project, such as the initial design, the concept development, and the completion of construction. He believes in art, architecture, and design that transmit feelings, in the same way that generates a dialog of emotions between users and creators.

Camila was born in San Andres Island. Art Director with an emphasis in wellness design. Through her experience working in multicultural environments, she has adeptly managed, executed, and directed client's projects, incorporating diverse backgrounds, and brought their artistic ideas to life. In search of wellbeing, she developed a community of wellness experiences having yoga as its lifestyle and pillar. She embarks on the search for spaces that become sanctuaries, transforming people's lives through various atmospheres.

We believe that by creating together, we grow. We are more than an architecture group, more than a construction company, more than an interior design studio; we are M U D, a creative studio responsible for turning dreams into reality.